Frankfurt Airport – Season 1

Documentary Series 1. Season, Parts 1-5

Concept: Frankfurt Airport. Venue of an interesting, pulsation environment. People with many different occupations and stories are closely accompanied by a camera for a documentary. Time is ticking away at the airport. Technique and people clash. Exciting episodes take place. The theme music was supposed to have a catchy motive, pulsate and create excitement, pull the audience into the film. The individual protagonists of each the part are assigned individual musical motives and themes, which are diversified according to the scenes.
Production: Title and Film Music. Compositions, Arrangements.
Date of Broadcast: 1. Season, Parts 1-5 from Juli 1999 and Juli 2000, each on Sundays 9.00 p.m.
Broadcasting Station: ZDF
Authors: Ulli Rothaus, Bodo Witzke
Cut: Heidi Sommer
Camera: Juergen Rapp