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Monthly Archives: Mai 2006


Feedback Clients

Brigitta Weber, SWR Head of Editorial Office of REPORT MAINZ Domestic Department

[…]Our instructions to Tobias Bösel and Siegfried Rolletter were very “simple”. The music for REPORT MAINZ should be strong and powerful, the same as our investigative journalists. It should have the drive and also be harsh in there impression and should fit into the new design of REPORT MAINZ. The question was how could be our words translated into music? How could that problem be solved? This challenge was excellent solved by the team Bösel and Rolletter. This is exactly the music which we wanted. It is a shame that the music finishes always so quickly with in introduction. Many thanks for your professional work. […]

Fritz Frey SWR Editor in Chief TV, Presenter of REPORT MAINZ

[…]a strong brand like REPORT MAINZ needs a strong music. The signature tune of our ARD political program is now a strong music. You have composed a music which will be recognized and stay in one’s mind. When we have planned this year the relaunch of REPORT MAINZ broadcasting it was obvious that the basic melody which you composed as well will stay. Very often I am buzzing the sound.

The trademarks of REPORT MAINZ are the fox and the music. When the fox creeps over the screen he represents our investigative journalists, he is on track to bring the light up. It is brilliant how you translated our journalistic attitude into the music. I will thank to you both for this great performance. I am looking forward for further projects with you, either in film reports or sound designs. You are well-known as two musicians who understand the editors and journalists […]

Dr. Ulrich Neumann, REPORT MAINZ, HA Chefredaktion Fernsehen, SWR Mainz/Das Erste about the film The NPD – the wrong enemy? Why a veto could be risky

You made a really good, wonderful music to this tough theme. Many thanks for that!

Uta von Borries, Author, ZDF TerraX Redaktion, about the films „human planet“ : 1. live at the water, 2. live in the jungle, live in the desert

[…]your work was gorgeous! I was really happy with your engagement and your absolutely sensitive musical version.[…]

Renate Beyer, ZDF-Author Renate Beyer about the film „Abraham – Patriarch of humanity“

[…]I found, the music to Abraham was really succsessful! Partly grandiose cinema music, partly like an arabic road-movie, a bit desert, aspiration, romantic, also spirituality, religiousness and a great dramatic art – the devotement of Isaak is really teriffic! Many thanks for this excellent work![…]

Bernhard Nellessen, TV director of the Southwestern Broadcasting Station (SWR) about our compositions for the SWR Station IDs and the audio logo

[…] in September 2006 SWR TV commenced with a new design and new programme presentations. The audio logo which you have developed and the composition for the Station IDs have lead to a harmonic and coherent overall impression and are an important part of the recognition of SWR TV.

I would like to thank you for the very good team-work of the past months and your immense flexibility and I wish you further success.

Dr. Gerd Helbig, Studio Tel Aviv editorial, Israel, about the compositions fort he film „On the tracks of the Gods“

[…]I would like to let you know that I enjoyed your music extraordinarily. It completed the opulent images wonderfully without becoming pushy or dominant. It was the first experience of this kind to me and I would like to thank you. […]

Markus Schaechter, director of the ZDF, about the CD “Film Music Highlights/Volume 2″

[…]“I compliment you on your CD “Film Music Highlights/ Volume 2”. I am glad to hear that the response of the audience concerning the travel reports and documentaries on Tuesdays is so great that a CD with the music could be released.

The result can be listened to very nicely. I can only agree to Mr. Zahn’s quote to be able to “hear the songs of the Taiga and the dreaminess of untouched nature” – congratulations to this wonderful CD!“

Joachim Holtz, author and ZDF foreign correspondent in China about the film music „China – Journey through China“

[…]“a great achievement – I thank you for your formidable music for the China films.

You have looked at the people,
You paid attention to the landscape,
You have opened your senses for the atmosphere,
feeling, mood,
you have grasped the moment,
the tension and the quiet of the moment,
the life situation, the light, the season, the country.
Fortunately you have not composed Chinese music. Thank you.“

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Feedback Spectator

Please give us your feedback under E-Mail

[…] I have not only been fascinated by the wonderful shots, but also by the sensitive musical accompaniment. The music is what gave the images their unique effect and atmospherical distinctiveness. What especially touches me are the manifold and visionary variation of the theme, which uniquely emphasizes the various moods. The occasional symphonic melodies evoke incredible sensations and feelings. I am enraptured.[…]
Harry Falkenberg about our film music and the new CD „Die schönsten Reisemelodien/Vol.3“

[…]I was able to experience your wonderful music last weekend and I am enthusiastic! Please give bravo to the composers and the greatest respect for those well done and sensitive compositions! I wish and hope that Mr. Boesel and Mr. Rolletter will be able to compose such filmmusic for a long time and feast for my ears!!!
Kerstin and Volker Zaehle about the current CD Film Musik Highlights Vol. 2

„[…]When I heard this music, I had the impression that it could came from one of the great Russian composers fo the 19th century. To my amazement I read that you have composed it and am still amazed that today someone is still able to create something which I can never tire of when I’m listening to it. For this I want to express my admiration for you two![…]“
Norbert Tribbensee about the two-part ZDF documentary “Masurai – a Journey with Wolf von Lojewski“

„[…]First of all, many thanks for the wonderful melodies between the lines at “The Little Angel of Kaisersack.” We, the market caterer, the market customers, many people from foreign places, which have been talking to me at my stand today, have been very delighted by the film on Sunday night. Only few know it, but the fine tunes along with the action bring life to a documentary.“
Protagonist Gisela Paul about the film „The Little Angel of Kaisersack.“ A documentary about the best-known market woman of the weekly market Frankfurt in Kaiserstreet.

[…]“Especially the film music is fantastic.“
Christian Vöcks about the film „China – A Journey through China“

[…]“It has been a long time since I have heard such diverse and more honest reports about my mother country China.[…] Besides the impressive images, I especially enjoyed the music, which gave expression to both: China’s departure into the modern and the keeping of traditions.“
Mr. Tri-Vi Huynh about the film „China – A Journey through China“

„I have never heard such perfect and fantastic music in a documentary before. I am enthusiastic and would like to buy your music. Where can I get it?“
Bettina Waßmann „China – A Journey through China“

„I have just been listening into the other compositions on your website and I’m totally excited. Since I enjoy watching the travel documentaries on ZDF, I could still remember the one ort he other of the pieces. In my opinion, with the music to the report “China – A Journey through China” by Joachim Holtz, you have created a master piece. I hope there will be a Volume 3 after the CD Film Music Highlights Vol.1 and Vol.2 in 2006. I wish you two the best and a lot of success with your fantastic productions. Keep going!!“
Rolf Koslowski about the film „China – A Journey through China“

„[…]With this music you have created a unique sound! I was already impressed by your film music in “Russia – a Winter Journey,” but the music to “Siberia’s Stream of Destiny – the Jennisei” even now still has its grip on me. – You have taken up the mood of this landscape perfectly with this melody and instrumentation. I find it admirable that a German can put himself into the position of the Slavic soul as much.- Keep up the good work.“
Ruth Stege about the CD Film Music Highlights Vol. 2 and about the 3-part documentary “Siberia’s Stream of Destiny – the Jenissei“

„[…]meanwhile we have been listening a lot to your CD and enjoy the wonderful music every single time. We hope you will endow a lot of TV documentaries with your music because that is what makes them a pleasure stimulating all senses.“
Alfred and Ingrid Arz about the CD Film Music Highlights Vol. 2

„[…]I have been listening to the CD over and over again, it is just wonderful. The individual music themes have been assembled wonderfully; the CD forms a harmonious entity. It is a pleasure to listen to your music. By the way: the music is so touching, during “Masuria” I still fight with tears. My compliments to your ability and sincere thanks to you for this beautiful music.“
Silke Hennel about the CD Film Music Highlights Vol. 1

[…]I have received your CD Film Music Highlights Volume 2 and am very taken by your music and your ability to create such beautiful melodies and moods. I am especially impressed by the theme to “Russia – a Winter Journey” (Title: “A Winter Journey” as well as “On the tracks of Kazakhstan.”) and “The Jenissei” (here especially “The Jenissei.”) My compliments to you! You succeed in captivating listeners and indulge them musically and expressively. Keep going!
Ingo Schreiber about the CD Film Music Highlights Vol. 2

„[…]congratulations to you on your first CD. My family is very enthusiastic about the CD and ever since we have heard it for the first time, it is our favourite background music during cosy Sunday breakfasts, dinners during the week or just in between for daydreaming. Of course we have not missed “Siberia’s Stream of Destiny – the Jenissei” and have been enrapt by the cinematic as well as the musical design. It is a really congenial work. I have also just visited your homepage, which is designed attractivly, and I am glad to have gotten to know the faces behind the music.
Of course, I had to order the second CD immediately. Thank you for the many wonderful hours, we wish you further success in the future!“

Tamara Lindauer and her family from Burgenland/Austria about the 3-part documentary „Siberia’s Stream of Destiny – The Jenissei“ and the current CDs Film Musik Highlights Vol. 1 + 2

„[…]We are enthusiastic about your CD . . . keep going![…]“
Gerhard Meyer

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