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Monthly Archives: Februar 2007



An impressive four-part documentary by and with the journalist Dirk Sager. For months Dirk Sager took dozens of trains on his impressive adventurous journey from Berlin to the tropics in Saigon. 16,000 km with the train through seven en-countries and across two continents.

Berlin Saigon

Part 1: Departure to the Volga
Part 2: To the Hellfire of Kazakhstan
Part 3: Red Dawn in China
Part 4: Enchanted Spring in Vietnam

Date of Broadcast: 27.3., 03.04., 10.04., 17.4.
Broadcasting Station: ZDF

The film music for „Berlin-Saigon“ has been published on our current CD „The most beautiful Journey-Melodies.“CD-Shop

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Press Release from 20.02.2007/Berlin-Saigon – A Journey towards the East

Novelties from the music factory BoeselRolletter

The film music composers Tobias Boesel and Siegfried Rolletter accompany the journalist Dirk Sager on his impressive adventure journey from Berlin through the tropes to Saigon. With the train he travels 16,000 km across seven en-countries and two continents. The ZDF broadcasts the four-part documentary on Tuesdays from March 27th, 2007 at 8.15 p.m.

Boesel and Rolletter have intensively cooperated with Dirk Sager and composed a film music for the editorial office “events of the day”, which accompanies the train across the continents. Exciting and sensitive with the topic of the film. The musical main theme has been varied into several variations. The pulse of the train can easily be felt when the pushy 12/8th beat of viola, celli and double bass is heard. Sometimes the grand orchestra is heard, sometimes we hear a small chamber orchestra. (mehr …)

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Press Release from 05.02.2007 – Current CD released

Music that works without TV images – CD: „The most beautiful Journey Melodies“
The composers Tobias Boesel and Siegfried Rolletter, known from many TV prime-time productions, present their current CD “The most Beautiful Journey Melodies”.
“We receive many emails, letters and calls from viewers who ask us about the melodies from our travel reports, so we wanted to produce a new Highlight CD”, thus the two composers.
For this CD, a new concept was created. Travel melodies around the world, evoking curiosity about new en-countries and adventures.

(mehr …)

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