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The most beautiful music from the ZDF travel documentaries
Total playing time: 77 Minutes
Tracklist of all titles on the CD


Tracklist: The Most Beautiful Journey-Melodies

MONGOLIA – from the series Mongolia – The Caravan

1 Wide Country

2 Naadam Feast
3 Morin Khuur
4 Mystic Morning

RUSSIA – from the travel documentary Russia’s Treasures

5 Russian Gold

6 Indigirka
7 In the morning at Krasnojarsk
8 Diamond fever

CHINA – from the films China – A Journey through China

9 At the river of the black dragon
10 Through China

11 Between tradition and modernity

NAMIBIA – What do you mean by German?
through Namibia with Wolf von Lojewski

12 Airborne across Namibia

13 Past Times
14 Balloon Ride

INDIA – from the travel documentary „India – unstoppable“
by Claus Kleber

15 India unstoppable

16 Global Markets
17 The Day Dawns
18 To New Delhi

BERLIN-SAIGON from the four part documentary by Dirk Sager

19 Journey toward the East

20 Retrospection
21 Lost Ocean
22 Over the Bridge at the Oder
23 Winter Morning in Smolensk
24 Arrival in Saigon

ASIA – from the series Enchanted Tropes – Calenture

25 Asian Dreams

26 Tears of the Gods
27 Rhythm of Asia

COSTA RICA – from the film Relic Hunters – Treasure Island

28 Treasure Island

29 Isla del Coco

JOURNEY OF THE STORKS – from the eponymous Road Movie

30 10.000 km toward the South

31 The Dream of Flying
32 Towards the Sun

ALASKA – The Hardest Dog Race of the World

33 Through the Icy Desert

34 Infinity

GERMANY – from the travel documentaries „A Winter’s Journey“ and „The Tears of the Gods“

35 So Close to Heaven
36 In the Glacial Ice
37 The Winter Journey

38 Hommage to Fontane
39 At the Fireside