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The most beautiful music from ZDF documentaries
Total Playing Time: 77 Minutes
Tracklist of all titles on this CD


Audio Samples (in parts) of this CD:

Masuria Across Forests and Lakes
A Journey with Wolf von Lojewski


The Prince of Monaco – A Fairy Tale Wedding
Films by Sabine Kemper, Iris Toussaint, Ruprecht Eser


America’s Wild West – From Sea To Sea
Travel Report by Eberhard Piltz


In the Silesian Heaven
Travel Report by Thomas Euting


The People of Weesenstein
Documentary by Gunther Scholz, Hans Juergen Haug, Tanja Poelitz, Marion Mueck-Haab


Idols – Romy Schneider
Films by Jeremy Fekete, Brigitte Weismann, Christian Berg, Florian Hartung and Anette Baumeister


People in the East
Travel Report by Claus Cleber („Heute Journal“) and Angela Andersen


Gene Hunters – Myriam
Documentary by Jens Monath and Martin Ordolff


America’s Crusades
Travel Report by Angela Andersen, Claus Kleber, Jens Monath and Ulrich Tigner

Trackliste: Film Music Highlights Vol. 1

A Journey with Wolf von Lojewski

1. Across Forests and Lakes
2. Far, foreign home
3. Evening Atmosphere
4. In the Russian Border Country

The Prince of Monaco and Princess Diana
Films byn Sabine Kemper, Iris Toussaint, Ruprecht Esser

5. A Fairy Tale Wedding
6. Steps into uncertainty
7. On Top of the Roofs of Monaco
8. For Grace

America’s Wild West
A Travel Report by Eberhard Pilz

9. From sea to shining sea
10. Boundless Distance
11. Monument Valley
12. Train Central Pacific N. 60

In the Silesian Heaven
Travel Report by Thomas Euting

13. In the Silesian Heaven
14. In the Cole District
15. Hommage to Eichendorff
16. The Prince and the old Castle

The People of Weesenstein
Documentaries by Guenther Scholz, Hans-Juergen Haug

17. Hope after the Flood
18. Bit by Bit
19. Wistfulness
20. The Silence After
21. In Grandma Niederle’s Backyard

Films by Jeremy Fekete

22. A tribute to Romy Schneider
23. A tribute to Uschi Glas
24. Always Funky

People in the East
A Travel Report by Claus Kleber and Angela Andersen

25. In the Eastern World
26. from the Bosporus to Basra
27. Imam
28. Desert Sand

We from over there
Films by Ulrike Grunewald, Volker Schmidt

29. The Heroes of the Wharf
30. Euphoria
31. Dreams of Youth
32. Trabbi-Rally
33 A Song to Kiss and Cuddle

Documentaries by Jens Monath, Martin Ordolff

34. Myriam
35. Drive towards the Coast
36. Hope and Confidence

Children’s Hospital
Documentaries by Susanne Wiesler, Heiner Gatzemeier

37. Patrick
38. Julia
39. Jonas

America’s Crusades
Travel Report by Claus Kleber, Angela Andersen

40. In the Minefields of Afghanistan
41. Sunset
42. Bazaar
43. Poppy Landscape

Navigation in a Storm
Films by Fabian Doering, Marvin Entholt

44. The Myth of Cape Horn