Here is an overview of the production we participated in musically. These DVDs cannot be ordered in our own shop system. At the end of the detailed information you can find the links to our respective business partner where you can place your order. On those DVDs you can find complete films but not the individual music titles.


The Huber Brothers – 3D


The Huber Brothers extreme climbing DVD is available in 2D and 3D version. Anotherone is available in a blu-ray version.

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Trolls, Fiords and a Mailboat


What a beautiful country! I would like to know whether there is such fairway as here”, the Norwegian Polarexplorer and winner of the Peace Nobel Price Fridtjof Nansen describes his travel impressions enthusiastically.

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The Journey of the Storks

DVDPolarfilmDie Reise der Stoerche

Just like the change of seasons the migratory birds are an annual recurring symbol of nature’s cycle. Not just since the movie hit “Nomaden der Lüfte” (“The Travelling Birds”) people desire to accompany the birds on their one-of-a-kind journey and to see the world from the birds’ eyes.

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DVD Polarfilm Zug der Traueme - Wolf von LojewskiThe Train of Dreams – with Wolf von Lojewski

Only since a short period of time, the Australian continent can be crossed completely by train. Therefore, an unusual insight into the life of the natives and into life in the outback becomes possible.

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pilcherdvdklein1Rosamunde Pilcher

A journey to beautyful landscapes in Scottland and Cornwall. It is a bit like itchy feet. Wave breaking rockerys, hidden sand bays, hilly meadows, pictorial villages and romantic seaside towns. This is the land of Rosamunde Pilcher which affected her life and her books. You will be impressed of Rosamundes life and the pictures. An interview will complete the pictures of this 2-part documentation.

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In the eye of the hurricane


Powerful, rapturous, and intoxicating film music “In the eye of the hurricane”

The two composers Tobias Boesel and Siegfried Rolletter present the way, the film music hits the storm in the ZDF documentary “In the eye of the hurricane.” The task here was to compose a powerful and intoxicating film music for a current topic. The film gives a clear impression of the destruction hurricanes, thunderstorms, freak waves and tsunamis can cause and why natural disasters worldwide have become more frequent over the last years.

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Mongolei the caravan


With the Horsehead Fiddle, Buttertea and Muttongoulash through Mongolia

“The fantastic images immediately inspired us. We have employed traditional Mongolian instruments in our composition in order to underline the adventures of the two caravans musically”, thus the two composers Boesel and Rolletter. “We want to make the viewers familiar with this one-of-a-kind country, its interesting people and the geographical and vegetative variety via our film music.”

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