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DVD Polarfilm Die Reise der Stoerche.jpgJust like the change of seasons the migratory birds are an annual recurring symbol of nature’s cycle. Not just since the movie hit “Nomaden der Lüfte” (“The Travelling Birds”) people desire to accompany the birds on their one-of-a-kind journey and to see the world from the birds’ eyes.

The film was born from mankind’s ancient dream. The storks fly 11.000 km towards the sun into their African wintering grounds. The ZDF team followed their tracks and shot breathtaking pictures – some of them with special cameras directly from the storks’ backs or from ultra-light planes.
Everywhere the storks settle down to rest, there are people of whom some await the birds’ arrival longingly. Across state-, people, and religious boarders the birds build bridges, which usually hardly open. Thus a unique travel report came into existence, which offers and surpasses the fascinating images of a nature and animal documentary.

Duration: 90 Minutes
Music: Tobias Boesel und Siegfried Rolletter
Format: 16: 9
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
Languages: Deutsch
Subtitle: none
Format: PAL
Regional Code: 0
EAN-Code: 4028032067255
FSK: INFO-Programme
Date of Release: 03.05.2006