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Only since a short period of time, the Australian continent can be crossed completely by train. Therefore, an unusual insight into the life of the natives and into life in the outback becomes possible.

Adventurous meetings with nature and the people of Australia are being presented in the two-part ZDF documentary between Adelaide in the South and Darwin in the North. 3.000 km with the Ghan railroad right through the middle of the Australian Outback – a dream for many travellers. Accompany Wolf von Lojewski on his expedition through wild bush on the fifth continent. The stops of the journey can be accessed via a route map. Additionally there is a picture gallery.

Time: 90 MinutesDVD Polarfilm Zug der Traueme - Wolf von Lojewski
Score: Tobias Boesel and Siegfried Rolletter
Format: 16: 9
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
Languages: German
Subtitles: none
Regional Code: PAL 0
EAN-Code: 4028032067217
FSK: INFO-Programme
Date of Release: 06.01.2006