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TS_2517Powerful, rapturous, and intoxicating film music “In the eye of the hurricane”

The two composers Tobias Boesel and Siegfried Rolletter present the way, the film music hits the storm in the ZDF documentary “In the eye of the hurricane.” The task here was to compose a powerful and intoxicating film music for a current topic. The film gives a clear impression of the destruction hurricanes, thunderstorms, freak waves and tsunamis can cause and why natural disasters worldwide have become more frequent over the last years.


Images are being shown of “Frances” at the Floridian coast and “Katrina’s” destruction of New Orleans in 2005. Enormous freak shatter an oil platform in Norway and collide with a cruise ship. Experts point to the fact that Hamburg’s historical storm tide might happen again and mean the sinking of the Halligen.

+++The calm before the storm+++

All is still calm. Seemingly calm. Soft strings and calm brass motives soar harmonically around images from Florida. The aerial view of the Halligan is accompanied discreetly by the sounds of an accordion and orchestra.

+++Gale warnings+++

The sun is shining, at the horizon dark clouds gather. Deep strings and trombones sound. Gale warnings are being broadcast in radio and TV. The people in Florida prepare for the hurricane. The fear and uncertainty in the faces of the people is being mirrored musically in the high strings. In the institute for gale warning the safety measures are running at full power. The music keeps in suspense in the deep strings.

+++Tension and fascination+++

The wind becomes stronger, the skies grows darker. The music becomes more dissonant. Minor harmonies sound. The hurricane hunter’s laptop shows the approaching hurricane. The percussion instruments of the orchestra start a subliminal rhythm. Meanwhile, the hurricane is approaching the coast. It still has not reached its full power. In the form of pulsating strings and e-guitars the main theme of the storm rises majestically in the trombones and French horns. A pulsating 12/8th rhythm, played by deep strings, drums, e-guitars and bass, accompanies the swirling air masses. Clouds and winds become denser and stronger to form a single enormous storm. String arpeggios swirl up and down. Timpani accentuate the fascinating and at the same time incredible power of the destructive elements of nature. The melody rings out like a signal, modulates and „flies“ stormily through different keys. E-guitars form a powerful basis with drums, celli and double basses.

+++Stormy Finale+++

The melody builds up slowly. Accents and orchestral crescendi illustrate the power and the force of the storm. The dissonances become stronger. The volume increases. A pushing piano bassline is being interrupted by irregular fortissimo beats in the orchestra, while the waves hit the coast. The tension in image and music is at its climax. On screen one can see roofs and parts of houses fly through the air, palm trees bend, storm tides whip the land, drown the coast and drag everything along. Just like the hurricane, the entire orchestra rears up and finishes in a grand crescendo.

+++The day after – grief, destruction+++

Discreet music provides a musical accompaniment to the extent of destruction and devastation. The music pauses, gives time to breath. A slow pulse in the strings, increasing and decreasing sounds dark and interrogative. A harp joins the chorus. The celli, double basses and violins resound in long steady tones. Timpanies accentuate threateningly. On top the piano motive starts, sounding very fragile in a very high register. The acoustic instruments are consciously mixed with synthetic sounds that seems to rise from the depths and adds a mysterious flavour to the scene. Open questions to the future – The two-part documentary ends in an image of the blue planet Earth. The music remains interrogative and searching and leaves an open end.

Score: Tobias Bösel und Siegfried Rolletter
Label: Discovery Networks International
Author: Marvin Entholt, Jens Monath
Prod.-Country: Deutschland
Prod.-Year: 2005
Prod.-Campany: Chroma TV
FSK: without any restriction
Timet: 100 minutes
Genre: documentation
EAN-Code DVD: 4260048080365