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The film music composers Tobias Boesel and Siegfried Rolletter accompany the journalist Dirk Sager on his impressive adventure journey from Berlin through the tropes to Saigon. With the train he travels 16,000 km across seven en-countries and two continents. The ZDF broadcasts the four-part documentary on Tuesdays from March 27th, 2007 at 8.15 p.m.

Boesel and Rolletter have intensively cooperated with Dirk Sager and composed a film music for the editorial office “events of the day”, which accompanies the train across the continents. Exciting and sensitive with the topic of the film. The musical main theme has been varied into several variations. The pulse of the train can easily be felt when the pushy 12/8th beat of viola, celli and double bass is heard. Sometimes the grand orchestra is heard, sometimes we hear a small chamber orchestra.

The main theme stems from a song structure, themes are instrumentalized differently. Added to this form is a symphonic development. New motives can be heard and are taken through distant harmonies. Dissonances are used consciously fitting the places and moods of the film. We reach an orchestral crescendo, modulation and are taken back to the known travel theme. Such is the symphony “Journey towards the East.” Throughout the more pensive scenes of the film, a variation for cello solo has been arranged (Across the Oder Bridge).

The clear winter dominates the images of Russia, blue sky and golden church domes. Dirk Sager meets people who draw their lives. During the first part of the journey, the film music is dominated by the guitar and an accordion, underlined by Russian balalaika sounds. It consciously remains rather puristic.

In China, the images become more southern, more colourful and seem more on the go. Faces change from Russian to Asian features. The music consciously changes accordingly in its sounds. Again, it takes up on the rhythm of the crossties and thus creates a transition to the next station. It takes the audience to Kunming, the city of everlasting spring. Panda bear Tim-Tim who just does not want to procreate and rather prefers playing has received a slightly Chinese variation of instruments. Confucius rules the lives of the people longing for balance and harmony. This lifestyle can be felt in the sensitive guitar sounds.

The journey continues to the Red River. Accompanied by the clarinet it changes the theme. On to the “spring enchantment in Vietnam”, the last stop on the long journey. Hanoi, the city on the 17th degree of latitude and across the pass towards the paddy fields to the Ho-Chi-Minh-city: Saigon. A train ride across half the word, towards the east as a dream and still a testimonial of reality.

The two composers Boesel and Rolletter have worked successfully with Dirk Sager before. This film music has been published on their CD “The most beautiful journey melodies”.

Kiedrich, February 20th, 2007

The film music for „Berlin-Saigon“ has been published on our current CD „The most beautiful Journey-Melodies/Vol.3″. Take a sneak peek! CD-Shopspeaker-white2.gif