We create: Theme music for TV movies, compose title- and trailer music for TV-shows, create audio and sound design for broadcasting station IDs, give your brand and company the individual audio-logo to represent you. A one-of-a-kind and memorable audio design that is catchy and gets under your skin.

We ask for: A personal exchange with you before and during the production so that your movie gets an individual audio-design.

We offer: : A broad variety of music styles! Professional planning and a precisely scheduled realization.

    • Counselling

In the beginning, there is the necessity of exchange and briefings with you about content, message and aim of the production. For inspiration we readily delight in treatments and illustrations. All that counts are creativity and sensitivity concerning your wishes and products.

    • Composition

After intensive analysis with the content and your instructions for the production, we compose musical themes. A first audio-design springs to life which we present as “mood” in our TS-studio accompanied by illustrations. In a second phase of productions, these “moods” are being rounded of in composition and enlarged. Varieties of the composition and the audio design are being created.

    • Arrangement

A musical theme or audio design is arranged with different instruments, tempi and style. Varieties arise with different timbres, which cause different emotional effects. The composed theme music and the sound design are arranged to fit film sequences accurately.

    • Theme Music

Music cannot be seen. It is heard and felt. It underlines the intensity of a movie, a documentary, or a promotion movie. It is especially indispensable in an advertisement trailer. It provides a background for travel-reports and creates the moments of suspense in a children’s movie. We compose the music and thus create an individual musical tone from the beginning to the end of the movie. The theme music emphasizes the action, offers orientation to the audience and raises the movie’s niveau.

    • Promotional Music

Music is not to be erased from advertisement anymore. A catchy motive, a striking sound design can mould a product in a decisive way. It becomes a catchy tune, remains recognizable, and creates a convincing entity with the visual aspect of the product. The characteristic audio logo becomes an individual ID.

    • Audio and Sound Design

Individual sound-creation for broadcasting station IDs, Advertisement trailers, movie-previews. Characteristic sound-effects and interesting, acoustic and synthetic timbres are being individually created for your product and designed to a homogeneous and catchy sound.

    • Recording

A studio with high-class microphones guarantees recording in the highest quality and makes live recordings possible. The musical arrangement sounds lively and natural.

    • Mix und Mastering

Fine-tuning in the frequency range of all instruments and timbres. A demanding Effekt-Peripherie refines the mix. The completed audio material is optimized by high-end mastering for CD productions, TV, radio and movie theatres.

    • Music publishing

The TS-music publishing is member of the GEMA (xxx) and offers publications and CD-productions. Just call us!

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