A film about everyday commodities in cultural land Rheinland Pfalz.

Production: Audiodesign, Theme Music, lead and end titles Music

Date of broadcast start: 24.09.2016

broadcasting station: SWR


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An estimation comment from Birgitta Weber the SWR Head of Editorial Office of Report Mainz Domestic Department

Logo REPORT MAINZDear Mr. Bösel, dear Mr. Rolletter,

Our instructions to Tobias Bösel and Siegfried Rolletter were very “simple”. The music for REPORT MAINZ/Das Erste (mainprogramm/first television channel) should be strong and powerful, the same as our investigative journalists. It should have the drive and also be harsh in there impression and should fit into the new design of REPORT MAINZ. The question was how could be our words translated into music? How could that problem be solved? This challenge was excellent solved by the team Bösel and Rolletter. This is exactly the music which we wanted. It is a shame that the music finishes always so quickly with in introduction. Many thanks for your professional work.

Best Regards

Brigitta Weber, SWR Head of Editorial Office of REPORT MAINZ Domestic Department

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An awesome comment from Fritz Frey SWR Editor in Chief TV, Presenter of REPORT MAINZ

Logo REPORT MAINZDear Mr. Bösel, dear Mr. Rolletter,

a strong brand like REPORT MAINZ/Das Erste (mainprogramm/first television channel) needs a strong music. The signature tune of our ARD political program is now a strong music. You have composed a music which will be recognized and stay in one’s mind. When we have planned this year the relaunch of REPORT MAINZ broadcasting it was obvious that the basic melody which you composed as well will stay. Very often I am buzzing the sound.

The trademarks of REPORT MAINZ are the fox and the music. When the fox creeps over the screen he represents our investigative journalists, he is on track to bring the light up. It is brilliant how you translated our journalistic attitude into the music. I will thank to you both for this great performance. I am looking forward for further projects with you, either in film reports or sound designs. You are well-known as two musicians who understand the editors and journalists.

Best Regards

Fritz Frey SWR Editor in Chief TV, Presenter of REPORT MAINZ

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TV-Tip: AFD – election and now? 19th, May, 2016, SWR, 21 o’clock

Join us this evening with some our film scores for a political contribution…

today:  19th, May, 2016

time: 21 o’clock

broadcasting station: SWR television

Kindly regards from

Tobias Bösel & Siegfried Rolletter

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AFD – election and now?

A political contribution from the SWR zu the AFD Party

Production: theme music
Date of broadcast: 19.05.2016, 21 o’clock
Broadcasting Station: SWR Television

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On television our new film – 25th November – Nursing stuff from far east

Our new 2-part documentary about the care problems in Germany. A project from the Universty of Tübingen with nursing stuff from Manila.

part 1: departure to Tübingen, 25th November, 2015 – SWR – 21 o’clock

part 2: Tübingen forever germans, 2nd November, 2015 – SWR – 21 o’clock

Enjoy your evening, let us know if you like it!


Tobias and Siegfried and Team

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The Chancellor – Angela Merkel

The Chancellor – Angela Merkel, a portrait of the german leader.

Production: theme film music
Date of broadcast: September 2009
Broadcasting Station: ARD/SWR

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ARD – „The Chancellor – Angela Merkel“

Tobias Bösel and Siegfried Rolletter composed for the ARD the election portrait „The Chancellor – Angela Merkel“. The ARD presents the TV viewers Angela Merkel the german leader on the 10th, September 2009, 21.45 o’clock.

Enjoy your evening!

The TS-Team

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