They bring death – Suicide doctors in Germany

A documentary about suicide doctors an people who want to be death.

This film will get the Arthur-Koestler-Media-Award from the DGHS, German Society for Human Death, on the 8th November 2013.

Production: theme and film music
Date of broadcast: 19.11.2012, 20:15 h
Broadcasting Station: ARD/Das Erste

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The Huber Brothers

A documentation about speed climbing.

Production: theme and film music
Date of broadcast: October 2011
Broadcasting Station: ZDF

from left: Siegfried Rolletter (composer),
Alexander and Thomas Huber (Huberbuam) and
Tobias Bösel (composer) [picture: TSM]

A W A R D S 2012:

“The GwangJu 3D KIFF Festival award a prize for the film “Die Huberbuam” in the category – best 3D Feature movie”

“The 3D Stereo Media Festival Lüttich award a prize for the film “Die Huberbuam” in the category -best 3D Documentary”

It was the first german, public-law 3D production freom the ZDF (german television), TS Musicproduction composed and produced the film-score.


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My Homeland – Your Homeland

Wolf von Lojewski, a famous TV journalist for the ZDF channel (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen), ist presenting his latest story about East Prussia (Ostpreußen). He tells intresting stories about his own homeland. He builds a bridge between East and West, future and past.

Award: The Bavarian TV Award 2008 goes to “My Homeland, Your Homeland – across Eastern Prussia with Wolf von Lojewski” to Wolf von Lojewski for Script and Direction

Production: theme and film music
Date of broadcast: January 2008
Broadcasting Station: ZDF

Listen the music. The Filmscore is published on our CD „Filmmusic Highlights/Vol. 1“, track: speaker-white2.gifMasuria Across Forests and Lakes.

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The Journey of the Storks

In this road movie, Stork “Princess” is being accompanied on her journey from the Baltic Sea to South Afrika.
A w a r d:
NatureVision Award 2006 – Best German Movie
„Viewers Choice Award“ 2007 Ecolomedia – international environment film festival ÖKOMEDIA“

Part 1: „Princess and the Dream of Flying“
Part 2: „With Princess to South Afrika“
Production: Theme and Film music
Date of Broadcast: 25.4. + 02.5.2006
Broadcasting Station: ZDF

Truly royal melodies for Princess

„The Journey of the Storks“

Film music composers Tobias Boesel and Siegfried Rolletter accompanied the stork Princess musically for 10,000 km in a road movie. Grand landscape shots throughout 20 en-countries have influenced the music. The ZDF broadcasts the Tuesday-documentary “The Journey of the Storks” at prime time:
8.15 p.m. on
the 25th of April and the 2nd of May 2006.
The stork „Princess,“ protagonist of the film, starts her journey with an attached transmitter from Germany to the Indian Ocean. How can they be successful to accompany her on her way? After all, a stork does not dispose of a commonly known navigation system. The race begins. It is difficult for the crew to follow her air route in the car on the ground. The great adventure, the stresses and strains of the journey, the dangers as well as the fairy-tale component that surrounds the myth “stork,” can be found in the musical theme and its variations.
The two composers Tobias Boesel and Siegfried Rolletter have translated the topic into notes. “A wonderful task for us to compose a flying-stork theme, paired up with the excitement to musically catch up on the bird again and again,” thus the two composers. “Many storks are voiceless, they possess only instrumental sounds, for example via clattering with their beaks, others have very good voices, such as the Black Stork. Through the fascinating shots of the storks and the rhythm of the beating wings, we have tried to find our way into the birds’ souls and have made this the main theme.”
At the end of the journey, after five months, the crew really succeeds in finding Princess again in South Africa. Those who listen accurately can find the soft beating of the wings in three four time, which underline the flying shots at the end of the movie.

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Case: Germany

3-part economy chronicle about Germany’s decay, which was formerly the country of economic miracle; by Stephan Aust (Spiegel TV) and Claus Richter (ZDF).
A w a r d: German Televison Award („Fernsehpreis“) 2005 German „Business Movie Award“ („Wirtschaftsfilmpreis“) 2005

Part 1: The Economic Miracle
Part 2: The Rush into Crisis
Part 3: The Global Challenge
Production: Theme and film music
Date of broadcast: 2005
Broadcasting station: ZDF/Spiegel TV

3sat-Characters – Motive: Nicola

Current audio design of 3sat-IDs 2003 – 2012. Audio design for various station IDs. Music and audio design for program-previous, programme board, news board.

A w a r d: „Eyes and Ears Awards 2003“, best audio-production and composition in reference to a broadcasting station

Concept: 3sat: „The Station with character“ stands for a programme of cultural events and extraordinary productions. 3sat is close to the people, close to the viewer –easily accessible and sympathetic. In the station IDs people with characteristic faces are displayed. Our music is created to support the warmth, freshness and the emotional aspects of the pictures.
Production: Composition, Arrangements to image, Sound design, Station IDs, program previous, programme board, news board
Date of Broadcasting: Since June 2003
Broadcasting Station: 3sat

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3sat Characters – Motive: Saida

Audiodesign of the 3sat-station ID 2003-2012
A w a r d: „Eyes and Ears Award 2003“

Concept: see above
Production: see above

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3sat Characters – Motive: Curls

Audiodesign of the 3sat-station-ID 2003-2012
A w a r d: „Eyes and Ears Award 2003“

Concept: see above
Production: see above

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3sat Characters – Motive: Anton

Station IDs 2003-2012, Awards
A w a r d: „Eyes and Ears Award 2003“

Concept: see above
Production: see above

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Frankfurt Airport – Season 2

Documentary (Soap-opera) 2. Season, Episodes 6-10
A w a r d: Hugo-Junkers-Preis 2000
Concept: Frankfurt Airport. Location of an interesting, pulsating scene. Cameras follow people with different occupations and life-stories for a documentary. Time is ticking away quickly at an airport. Technique and people collide. Exciting episodes take place. The theme music was supposed to have a simple motive, it was to pulsate in a modern fashion, it was to produce excitement and draw the audience into the film. The various protagonists are given individual themes and motives which are designed to fit their scenes and personalities.
Production: Theme and Film Music. Compositions, Arrangements.
Date of Broadcasting: 1.Season, Episodes 1-5 since July 1999, 2. Season, Episodes 6-10 since Juli 2000, Sundays 9.00 p.m.
Broadcasting Station: ZDF
Authors: Ulli Rothaus, Bodo Witzke
Editing: Heidi Sommer
Camera: Jürgen Rapp

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