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News – TS Musicproduction
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Audiodesign and composition for new primetime TV-show in first german TV-channel „Das ERSTE“

We are proud to compose and produce music and audiodesign for a new exciting primetime tv-show which will start in summer 2018. Its a common production from SWR, HR, rbb und mdr for the first german television channel „Das ERSTE“. More details later on …

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TV-Tip: 01. October 2017, ARD, Mrs. S. wants to die – Who helps at the end of life?

Mrs. S. wants to die, she is 78 years old. She has polio and her life is very hard to handle. The german law „Gesetz zur Strafbarkeit der geschäftsmäßigen Förderung der Selbsttötung“, 2015, dosen’t satisfy special facilities to the suicide doctors. We composed a empathic film score for such a controversial issue.

Date of broadcast: 02.10.2017, 21:45 h
Siegfried Rolletter and Tobias Bösel

go to the trailer with score

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Dianas liability, ZDF, 31.8.2017, 21:45 h

Dianas liability – The mystery of a unfortunate Princess. Have a relaxed evening at home and watch the new findings about Princess Diana. Its her 20th day of death. The two authors Susanne Gelhardt and Ulrike Grunewald talk about Dianas life with the biografpher Andrew Morton and a school day friend.

The film has parts with our film music.


Date of bradcasting: 31th, August, 2017 – 21:45 h


Tobi & Sigi

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Bb flat essential – Jazz´ n more ! – „Music is our life, it is fascination, you will see…“

Since last year we playing again Jazz ’n more with our band „Bbflat – essential“.

Tobias Bösel (piano, keyboards, vocal) and Siegfried Rolletter (acoustic-, electric-guitars, vocal), all-round Trompeter Volker Bender (trumpet, flugelhorn, percussions) and the expressive Jazz-Singer Monika Assmann.

WAAS.sche-Fabrik, Winkeler Strasse 100b, 65366 Geisenheim

Saturday 18.3.2017,  entrance 18:30 Uhr   start: 19:30 Uhr

Advance sale: 16,00 € / enening sale: 18,00 €

Tickets:  info@waas.sche-fabrik.de   or   fon.:  06722-7478

Tickets online: https://www.adticket.de/Waas-sche-Fabrik-Shop.html?format=raw&searchname=BB+FLAT&searchlocation&start_date&end_date

Come in and join us! Nice to see you again!


Tobi & Sigi & band


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Time to say goodbye in 2016…


Christmasmarket in Wiesbaden

Have a wonderful merry Christmas and a happy and successful 2017!

Tobias & Siegfried

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ZDF-Mediathek / TerraX / Legend of wolf children – Mogli and the wild children

With a klick to the  [Verweis] ZDF-Mediathek with beautyful landscapes, colorful pictures and the legend of wolf children with our filmscore.

Broadcasting: 25th, September, 2016 at ZDF, 19:30 h

The long version you will see a day before, on 24th, Stptember, 2016 at ARTE, 20:15 h




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TV-Tip: Hub Frankfurt Airport, ZDF, 16th October, 18:00 h, ZDF

Hub Frankfurt Airport – where fishes flying and Mangos landing, a reportage with TS-Film-Scores.

Join us on 16th, October, 2016, 18 h, ZDF.

See you 🙂 Tobias & Siegfried


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Listen to the ZDF – Bollywood – Dance – Song / TerraX / legend of wolf children

Legend of wolf children – Mogli and the wild children…

Pictures with the colorful indian dancers, Mogli and our filmscore [Verweis] ZDF-Facebookseite.

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TV-Tip: Glamour, Gold and Love, 12.7. 2016, 20:15 h, ZDF

You will have a look behind the walls of the european royal houses. Most of us see the glamour, the gold and the love. A film for all of you they want to know much more about the different royal houses in Europe.

Come and join us!

date: 12.7.2016

time: 20.15 h

broadcasting station: ZDF

Royal regards from our studio – Tobias & Siggi

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An estimation comment from Birgitta Weber the SWR Head of Editorial Office of Report Mainz Domestic Department

Logo REPORT MAINZDear Mr. Bösel, dear Mr. Rolletter,

Our instructions to Tobias Bösel and Siegfried Rolletter were very “simple”. The music for REPORT MAINZ/Das Erste (mainprogramm/first television channel) should be strong and powerful, the same as our investigative journalists. It should have the drive and also be harsh in there impression and should fit into the new design of REPORT MAINZ. The question was how could be our words translated into music? How could that problem be solved? This challenge was excellent solved by the team Bösel and Rolletter. This is exactly the music which we wanted. It is a shame that the music finishes always so quickly with in introduction. Many thanks for your professional work.

Best Regards

Brigitta Weber, SWR Head of Editorial Office of REPORT MAINZ Domestic Department

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