Made in Suedwest

Stories of Success Economy and Research in the south of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Production: Audiodesign, Indikativ, Composition, Abdikativ, Trenner, Musikbetten

Date of broadcast: 05th of November, 2014, 18:15 h

Broadcasting Station: SWR

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concern is a magazin about relevant issues of the community.

Production: Audiodesign for Indikativ, Brand
Date of broadcast: 07.05.2014, 21:00 h
Broadcasting Station: SWR

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Your opinion, please!

It is a new magazin about judgment.

Production: film music
Date of broadcast: since 26.03.2014, 20:15 h
Broadcasting Station: SWR

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Terra X – human planet

A trilogy about live at the water, in the jungle and in the desert

Production: film music
Date of broadcast: 26.08.2012, 19:30 h
Broadcasting Station: ZDF

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Get rid of your fat

A 3part-documentation. Six protagonists report over two years about their way to a perfect body balance weight.

Production: theme and film music
Date of broadcast: July 2011
Broadcasting Station: ZDF

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In this point

An information programm about current events.

Production: audio design
Date of broadcast:start December 2010 Broadcasting Station: SWR

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verbal exchange

A TV series – people from politics, culture and community review their spectacular live and answer questions.

Production: theme music
Date of broadcast: September 2010
Broadcasting Station: SWR television

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Children of Majesty

„Children of Majesty“ is a 6part documentary about the princes or princesses of Sweden, Dutch, Norway, Spain, Denmark und England. We composed the film music for three of them:

Part 3: 31.07.2007 „cinderella an her prince“ – Mette-Marit and Haakon from Norway
Part 5: 14.08.2007 „treasure of Vikings“ – Mary and Frederik from Denmark
Part 6: 21.08.2007 „Prince and Rebel“ – William from England
Broadcasting Station: ZDF

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Baltic-Sea stories

Documentary in four parts about the holiday feeling at the Baltic-Sea, each 45-minutes. Typical and surprising stories about the eastern coast in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are told, which paint a multi-facetted and entertaining picture of the region – always tied to interesting people who try to make their way in spite of many obstacles.
Part 1: At the limit
Part 2: Musical und Lion’s Mane Jellyfish
Part 3: A Starfish for Uschi
Part 4: A Reach for the Stars
Date of Broadcast: from the 26.08.2006, 6:00/6:15 p.m.
Broadcasting Station: ZDF

The journalists Ulli Rothaus and Bodo Witzke as well as the camera-man Herbert Juenglich tell stories from Ruegen and Usedom, from Warnemuende and Rostock and many other places along the coast. They show people, which have been moulded by the landscape, a region, which enjoys a lot of attention in the republic. In 16 stories we meet dreamers, boasters, idealists and businessmen. Specifically composed music helps to define people and rhythmatize sequences.

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A four-part documentary about four female “rivals.” The films enlighten, pose questions and clarify the relationship between the “rivals.” Light is shed on the rivalry of Princess Diana and Camilla, Empress Soraya and Farah Diba, the opera singer Maria Callas and Jackie Kennedy as well as Hitler’s women Magda Goebbels and Eva Braun.
Part 1: Diana and Camilla
Part 2: Soraya and Farah Diba
Part 3: Jackie Kennedy and Maria Callas
Part 4: Magda Goebbels and Eva Braun

Date of Broadcast: from 11.7.2006, each on Tuesdays at 8.15 p.m.
Broadcasting Station: ZDF

Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Diana fights against the „Rottweil“, as she calls Camilla. They both court the same man, influence, appreciation and power.

Empress Soraya and Shah Reza Pahlewi of Persia are the perfect glamour-couple. But there is no heir for the throne. A year after the divorce, the Shah marries Farah Diba.

How do Maria Callas and Jackie Kennedy construct their relationships to Onassis? Jackie loved the money, the publicity and her children. Callas is a hysteric and irascible woman, who needs his appreciation in order to survive.

Magda Goebbels is Hitler’s „First Lady“. The leader must not commit himself to someone. Magda Goebbels agrees to marry Dr. Goebbels because it is the only way to remain close to the leader. Behind the scene, the secret lover Eva brown is waiting. In the leader’s bunker a decision is made about the fate of the two rivals and the leader’s favour: Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler get married. After this, both couples commit suicide.

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