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Hub Frankfurt Airport

Hub Frankfurt Airport – where fishes flying and Mangos landing, a reportage.

Production: film music

Date of broadcast: 16th, October, 2016, 18 h

Broadcasting Station: ZDF

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Idyllic Schlei

A film about the romantic river Schlei in Schleswig-Holstein (North of Germany) starts at the Baltic Sea.

Production: film music
Date of broadcast: 01.05.2014, 19:16 h
Broadcasting Station: ZDF

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Winter Adventures – Christmas on the Lofoten

A journey to the winterworld of Norway.

Production: film music
Date of broadcast: 25.12.2013, 19:15 h
Broadcasting Station: ZDF


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Summer in the eternal ice – The Arctic

A two-part-travel-journey about the ice land with two filmteams, one on shore and one on a boat.

Production: theme and film music
Date of broadcast: February 2009
Broadcasting Station: ZDF

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Route of yearning

The six-part-cruising-journey tells stories about foreign countries and cultures. The cruises go to the Orient, to Asia and to Cape Horn.

Production: theme and film music
Date of broadcast: April 2008
Broadcasting Station: ZDF

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My Homeland – Your Homeland

Wolf von Lojewski, a famous TV journalist for the ZDF channel (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen), ist presenting his latest story about East Prussia (Ostpreußen). He tells intresting stories about his own homeland. He builds a bridge between East and West, future and past.

Award: The Bavarian TV Award 2008 goes to “My Homeland, Your Homeland – across Eastern Prussia with Wolf von Lojewski” to Wolf von Lojewski for Script and Direction

Production: theme and film music
Date of broadcast: January 2008
Broadcasting Station: ZDF

Listen the music. The Filmscore is published on our CD „Filmmusic Highlights/Vol. 1“, track: speaker-white2.gifMasuria Across Forests and Lakes.

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Trolls, Fiords and a Mailboat

A 2-part travel-journey about Norway. Wonderful images of an unaltered nature recount the lives of the people there. The Journey starts in Bergen in the South across the Lofoten Islands up to the Northern Cape Kirkenes.

Copyrigt: Bodo Witzke
Date of Broadcast: July 2007
Broadcasting Station: ZDF

(mehr …)

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An impressive four-part documentary by and with the journalist Dirk Sager. For months Dirk Sager took dozens of trains on his impressive adventurous journey from Berlin to the tropics in Saigon. 16,000 km with the train through seven en-countries and across two continents.

Berlin Saigon

Part 1: Departure to the Volga
Part 2: To the Hellfire of Kazakhstan
Part 3: Red Dawn in China
Part 4: Enchanted Spring in Vietnam

Date of Broadcast: 27.3., 03.04., 10.04., 17.4.
Broadcasting Station: ZDF

The film music for „Berlin-Saigon“ has been published on our current CD „The most beautiful Journey-Melodies.“CD-Shop

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What do you mean with German? Through Namibia with Wolf von Lojewski

A 2-part travel documentary by the well known TV journalist Wolf von Lojewski through a unique country: Namibia. One meets interesting people in a fascinating backdrop. In “What do you mean with German” the author builds a bridge into the here and now from a time when Namibia was still a German colony.

Part 1: A Ovambo Named Gustav
Part 2: Tracks in the Sand
Date of Broadcast: 10.+17.10.2006
Broadcasting Station: ZDF

Namibia in notes – The Film music composers in Africa
What do you mean with German? Through Namibia with Wolf von Lojewski
The film music composers Tobias Boesel and Siegfried Rolletter travel musically through Namibia with the well known TV journalist Wolf von Lojewski. The viewers are being invited to come with them into a unique country. They meet with interesting people in a fascinating backdrop. In “What do you mean with German”, the author builds a bridge into the here and now from a time when Namibia was still a German colony. The ZDF broadcasts a two-part documentary on Tuesday, the 10.10. and 17.10.2006 at 8.15 p.m.
We have accompanied Wolf von Lojewski on his journey through Masuria and Australia. He always manages to draw the viewers’ attention and fascination to his films and presents country and people in a very interesting way”, thus Siefgried Rolletter. “The grand air shots of gigantic dunes and through breathtaking canons inspired us to a grand-scale orchestra music combined with African percussion instruments.”
As a contrast to the pompous film music, also reduced variations of the Namibia theme were arranged for the more thoughtful passages. They created, for example, a trio composition for the piano, cello and viola for the German graveyard, which reminds strongly of a German choral. Thus, the two composers always manage an approximation to the film title.
Namibia used to be a German colony until 1915 and only 15 years ago it achieved independence from South Africa. People still speak German. You can see black women in traditional costumes from the Wilhelmian times. There is a German newspaper, a carnival club with a carnival committee of eleven and dancing “funkemariechen”. This has a connecting effect. Perhaps it is possible to say the some places in Africa are more German than Germany?
Float with us in the captive balloon across the desert. No tracks in the sand just vastness and silence. Accompanied with a film music that evokes longing and curiosity for a foreign country.

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India – Unstoppable

A two-part documentary by Claus Kleber (boss of the ZDF Heute Journal) and Angela Andersen. They present a country, which continually and unstoppably strives to progress. India, a hectic country, always on the go, modern, challenging. A country full of contradictions. How can a nation supply the world market with top executives from economy and at the same time be an archaic agricultural country? How can it take part in the computer boom where as wide parts of the population can neither read nor write?

Part 1: A people of billions takes off
Part 2: Gandhi’s Heirs as Globalplayers
Date of Broadcast: 6.9. + 7.9.2006
Broadcasting Station: ZDF

Unstoppable rhythm in “India – Unstoppable“

India – Unstoppable, that’s the name of the new two-part documentary on ZDF. India presented as a country, which indeed is pushing toward progress. Tobias Boesel and Siegfried Rolletter have exactly taken up on this topic in her film music and converted it. India, a hectic country, always on the go, modern, challenging. A completely different picture to what they have presented here so far. The authors, Claus Kleber (ZDF heute Journal) and Angela Andersen, have started a search for clues for the new India. The ZDF sends the highlight on the 6th and 7th of September.

“We have produced a film without ever having been to India. There was no script, no text. Just images full of an atmosphere of departure and the order of the two authors to produce handmade music. We were asked not to produce typically Indian music, which might tamper with the expression of progress in the country.” thus the two composers Boesel and Rolletter. “We delightedly took the chance and it worked very well!”
Thus for the Indian films they composed a pushy music for the hectic scenes in the metropolis. The guitar is the dominating instrument. Fast and pushy, just like the everyday life in a metropolis. The bass groove is pulsating, combined with a drum-set, hand-drums and percussions to round off the theme.
The music is snappy, pushing to underline the inquisitive Indians’ departure to new adventures. The music theme has been arranged in different facets. In some film scenes such as, for example, in the launderette where the women still beat the laundry as in old times, the guitar takes up on exactly their rhythm. At the same time, the film music mirrors the delight in the peoples’ faces.
The film shows an expanding economy and contradictions such as cannot be stronger. A university hospital with young and well educated people who speak perfect English and want only one thing: progress. Here the bass guitar sets in, it refers the viewer to more, always new, cosmopolitanism. The music pushes the images without dominating them. It leaves room for speaker and viewer.
The technical progress is being underlined by a technically developed groove.
Kleber travels to the countryside. A peaceful world opens up before the viewer. The scenes emanate calm. Open and friendly people can be seen. The music relaxes. It pulls you closer to the people. Hand-percussion, the shiva flute, discreet orchestra strings and the guitar assign meaning to the images.
In order to get to know a country, one has to “feel it, taste it and be bumped into,” so Kleber marches from his Heute Journal studio immediately into this film. He wants to take the viewers with him to a land full of an atmosphere of departure, something Germany can only dream of at the moment. Are there really reasons to complain? The Indian shots prove the opposite and want to shake you up. To new shores! Unstoppable!
Additional Information:
Date of Broadcast: Mi. 6.9., 10:45 p.m., 45 minutes
Part 1: India – Unstoppable
Subtitel: A people of billions takes off
A film by Claus Kleber and Angela Andersen
Date of Broadcast: Do. 7.9., 10.15 Uhr, 45 minutes
Part 2: India – Unstoppable
Subtitle: Gandhi’s Heirs as Globalplayers
A film by Claus Kleber and Angela Andersen

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